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10 Things to carry when traveling

10 Things to carry when traveling

1 Passport

It would be a shocking thing when you dock in at an airport only to discover that you forgot your passport at home.

2 EU Adapters

You won’t imagine yourself looking to buy EU adapters at an airport when you land. Get them before traveling.

3. Underwear

Most people pack everything only to remember that the only underwear they are carrying is the one they are wearing!

4 Socks

Socks get dirty quickly and they need to be changed often. So carry as many pair of socks as possible. Always carry a travel bag for dirty laundry. Carry thick socks if you are visiting a cold weather place

5 Phone charger/portable phone charger

Carry your original phone charger because if you forget you might be forced to buy another charger which does not conform to your phone charging demands and might spoil your most important gadget of communication.

6 Clothes (including PJ’s)

Always have in mind of the region you are traveling to. If it is a warm zone, carry light clothes and ensure there is a laundry so that you can always e able to sort your dirty laundry

7 Waterproof mac

What would happen if you a visit a European city that is full of intermittent rains? Carry a water proof layer to ensure that you are bale to outmaneuver the weather

8 Walking shoes

Shoes for walking should be light enough so as to ensure your comfort. If you carry heavy shoes and you expect long walking expeditions then it will cause you great suffering.

9 Sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag is good if you find the place you want to sleep the beddings are not as clean as you would want it.

10 Water bottle

A must for everyone travelling in a hot area as you would get thirsty often. It is very expensive to keep buying water so if you have your own little water every time you will beat the demands accompanying hot weather. The one with a water filter is very good especially if you are visiting an area that clean water is a problem.

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